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Love is the Number of Keys


love is the number of keys


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Release Date

May 24, 2002

Upload Date

July 29, 2016

Alternate Titles

Ai wa Kagi no Kazu Dake Love Is the Number of Keys 愛は鍵の数だけ 풍욕맨션 ~ 사랑은 열쇠의 수 만큼 Ai wa Kagi no Kazu dake

"Love Is A Number Of Keys" is a story about Jyun; living alone for the first time and becoming an assistant apartment manager. He soon finds out, by being a peeping tom mind you, that this particular apartment services sex to people. The ladies do this out of enjoyment, and Sumire (senior manager and A-class sex fiend herself) trusts him with this secret!