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Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia Episode 4


nerawareta megami tenshi angeltia 4



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Release Date

January 29, 2016

Upload Date

February 06, 2016

Alternate Titles

Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia: Mamotta Ningen-tachi ni Uragirarete 狙われた女神天使エンゼルティアー ~守った人間達に裏切られて~ 노려진 여전사 엔젤티어

Based on the adult game by Syrup: Many Milk.

Demons are attacking earth, releasing a field that drives men to wild lust and absorbing the carnal energy that results in order to replenish their strength. Yuuri is chosen by Suzune-sensei to become an Angel Goddess and fight these creatures of darkness. When Suzune-sensei deems Yuuri capable enough to fight on her own, however, things begin to go horribly wrong. The demons have a new creature, capable of besting even an Angel Goddess. But the possessed men aren't the only ones who want her, and her own gym teacher turns out to be a bigger threat and pervert than she could have dreamed. But she's not the only one who's been compromised...!